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Urban Design

Part 6: Tools and Applications

There is an intense interest in the implementation and realisation of the changes in Sheffield city centre advocated in the Urban Design Compendium. Part 6 introduces some of the mechanisms that can assist and streamline the process of sustaining the procurement of higher quality of development.


The growing knowledge and ‘virtual’ economy has seen the pace of development quicken in recent years. Local authorities will find it increasingly difficult to prepare plans which will satisfy statutory planning requirements without creating a stalemate in the future development potential of their plan areas. This part of the compendium offers advice on mechanisms for change within the scope of the planning and urban design process which will ensure the sustainable regeneration of Sheffield city centre.

A key objective shared by all is to attempt to take action in advance of market pressures and to anticipate the development process by the initiation and promotion of design guidance which is clear and unambiguous.

There is widespread guidance available from CABE and other organisations describing various design and development tools which can be used to ensure that the local authority is leading the design and development process in their locality. These tools include:

  • consultation and engagement;
  • design and development briefs;
  • competitions;
  • modelling;
  • demonstration projects.

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