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Urban Design

4.4 Devonshire Quarter


The Devonshire Quarter will continue to develop as a vibrant urban village within Sheffield’s city centre.

This village will provide a unique residential mixed use area to rival Manchester’s Northern Quarter and reinforce Sheffield’s position as a leading diverse and competitive European City.

City centre living will be encouraged in this quarter to create a dense and vibrant inner urban neighbourhood. This will be achieved with a ‘living over shops’ scheme on the main commercial streets and mixed tenure residential on the secondary streets.

The quarter will become an (inter)nationally renowned cultural entertainment destination with specialist retail outlets, a variety of high quality cafe/bars/restaurants and specialist music clubs offering a range of music genres from jazz to rock. All these elements will propel Sheffield’s popularity as a destination for weekend visitors, with the Devonshire Quarter enjoying the success of the Temple Bar area of Dublin.

Division Street and West Street will be established as secondary branches of the city centre retail spine, providing small outlets for specialist and entrepreneurial commercial ventures. Small studio spaces will also be established to support the development of the city as a cultural industries destination.

These streets will be given a strong pedestrian focus, complemented by a range of public realm initiatives. The activities of the shops, cafes and bars will be encouraged to spill out onto the streets, creating a distinct ‘urban village’ feel. The Devonshire Quarter will host a variety of markets, stalls, local festivals and exhibitions.

These pedestrian links and the street activity will strengthen relationship of the Devonshire Quarter with the activity of Sheffield University, St. George’s and the emerging neighbourhood at St. Vincent’s.

Devonshire Green, the city’s largest urban park, will be further developed. Consideration could ultimately be given to removing all car parking on the Green to create more landscaped space and provide an attractive setting for the West One development. The Green will be a functional park which will host small annual festivals and music events.

Outwith this ‘urban village’ the existing residential areas will be retained. The Milton Street industrial area at the south of the quarter will become a desired location for the remaining industrial companies within the city. The development of this area as a high quality industrial park has enabled the rationalisation and consolidation of industry in other areas, creating a more buoyant and competitive market.

Comparator projects

Lisson Gallery, London (Tony Fretton)
The Lisson Gallery provides an innovative mixed use design solution with residential accommodation included on the upper floors and gallery space below. The design is highly innovative and contemporary, yet remains consistent with the existing built form in terms of scale, proportion, doorway and window alignment and storey heights. A transparent frontage is presented at ground level to engage the activity of the street. Contemporary interventions of this nature would reinforce the Devonshire Quarter’s emerging identity as a dynamic and distinctive urban area, which supports quality architecture and a range of activity.
Lisson Gallery, London (Tony Fretton)

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