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Images of Sheffield
Urban Design

4.4 Devonshire Quarter

Devonshire Green Quarter Plan

  • Green box Public Space

  • Pink Arrow Views

  • Blue Circle Landmarks

  • Red Square Listed Buildings

  • Orange Square Unlisted Building (Contribute to Area Character) Significant Buildings

  • Pink doted line character Areas

Devonshire Green Quarter Plan

Significant Buildings

  • Taylor’s Eye Witness, Beehive and Taylor’s Ceylon Works
  • Wharncliffe Fireclay Works
  • Aberdeen Works, Trafalgar Works, Select and Kangaroo Works
  • Springfield Board School
  • Carver Street Methodist Chapel
  • Facade of Mount Zion Chapel
  • Original developments on Division Street, Canning and Gell Street
  • Former Glossop Road Baths
  • Former Fire Station
  • Workshops at No 23, Carver Street
  • National School at No 35, Carver Street
  • Church of St. Matthew

Character Areas

  • West Street
  • Wilkinson Street and Gell Street
  • Devonshire Green
  • Holly Street/Westfield Terrace/Trafalgar Street
  • Milton Street

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