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Images of Sheffield
Urban Design

Part 4: The Quarters

The Urban Design Compendium has defined eleven city centre quarters.

These quarters are based on those areas first described in the 1994 City Centre Strategy. This concept was later developed in the Masterplan which identified “a number of well defined districts”.

The city centre covers a large area of an incredible diversity. Each of the city centre quarters has its own unique history, urban form and land use patterns. Each quarter will also be affected to a varying degree by the influences of planning policy or major redevelopment projects.

Some quarters, such as the Heart of the City, have already seen the benefit of the sustained investment, commitment and energy of those dedicated to their regeneration. Other quarters, such as St. Vincent’s, are in need of a new focus and direction to stimulate growth.

The quarter specific guidelines comprise the level of detailed focus required to create distinct neighbourhoods within the city centre, each with its own sense of place.

Through analysis of the individual quarters, the Compendium identifies the opportunities that lie within each, and sets out specific recommendations for development. By embracing the unique potential of each quarter, Sheffield will increase its diversity and foster a wide range of buildings, spaces and activity.

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