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Images of Sheffield
Urban Design

Part 4: The Quarters

Introduction to Quarter Specific Guidance

This part of the document analyses each of the city centre quarters and the extent of development or conservation which should be considered for each.


An assessment of the character and quality of each quarter has been undertaken. This work draws on the Characterisation Study commissioned from the Architectural History Practice by English Heritage, for Sheffield City Council.

An urban design appraisal identified important features in each quarter such as the topography, key streets, buildings and public spaces. It includes descriptions of their character, architecture and public realm, as well as the materials used in the buildings, streets and spaces. This appraisal is supported by a photographic survey and an analysis diagram.


The impacts that the range of projects and strategies will have on the evolution of each quarter, and how they will influence the development potential within, has been considered.


An aspirational statement has been developed for each quarter, which describes scenarios for future use, form and character of the area. Comparator projects have been included to illustrate the standard of regeneration that Sheffield could achieve or surpass.

Design Principles

The visionary statement sets the scene for the establishment of guiding principles to influence future policy and development. The principles are not prescriptive, but are criteria to be used to encourage positive intervention within overall aims. The principles cover a number of issues - activities, scope for contemporary intervention, height and massing of new buildings, public space, materials, parking, access and the role of public art.

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