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Urban Design


Sheffield is undergoing a major programme of regeneration in the City Centre which is transforming the quality of the built environment. The City Centre Masterplan outlines the vision for Sheffield’s regeneration and sets down key projects to achieve this aim, building on the success of the award-winning Peace Gardens, Millennium Galleries and Winter Garden.

Whilst the Compendium has been primarily designed for the City Centre, much of the design guidance is relevant throughout the rest of the city

This Urban Design Compendium focuses on how Sheffield’s new direction and energy can be translated into the design of the city’s physical environment. It sets out a strategic approach at a city-wide level, and provides guidance relating to specific areas within the city, for both the built form and public realm . The Compendium will support Sheffield as it increasingly founds its reputation on the outstanding design of its buildings and public spaces.

The Sheffield Urban Design Compendium builds on a raft of national urban design guidance and the Government’s commitment to earlier and better informed urban design. It has been produced in the spirit of partnership, working with the Government’s advisors CABE and English Heritage, and involving extensive public consultation.

The Compendium will be an important tool in supporting the wide range of people who work, live or wish to invest in the City Centre. It will strengthen the city’s championing of good design and the drive to improve the quality of life for all.

Sheffield City Council
Councillor Jan Wilson Signature
Councillor Jan Wilson
Sheffield City Council

Sheffield One
Sir Peter Middleton Signature
Sir Peter Middleton
Sheffield One

Joanna Averley Signature
Joanna Averley

Director of Enabling
CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment)

English Heritage
Simon Thurley Signature
Simon Thurley
Chief Executive
English Heritage

Yorkshire Forward
Alan Simpson Signature
Alan Simpson
Head of Urban renaissance

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